Work from Home: Must-Know Productivity and Life Hacks

 Work from Home: Must-Know Productivity and Life Hacks

Working from home in your pajamas isn’t as idyllic as it sounds. It comes with its unique challenges. We recommend following the strategies listed below to maintain productivity and a healthy work-life balance:

Safeguard Your Time

When people know that you’re not physically in the office every day, they may begin to invite you to stuff. Make sure you aren’t saying yes to activities that eat into your work time.

Schedule Everything on Your Calendar

This will take a lot of decision-making off your shoulder. Let your Google calendar determine what you should be doing at any given time.

Get up And Move

Take a walk, sit on your porch, or get some sun. Do something outside of the four walls of your home.

Define Work and Personal Hours

Allowing your work life to bleed into your home life will not make you more productive. Make sure to have clear boundaries.

Focus on The Task at Hand

Focus is a skill that will help you move onto something else faster.

Get Website Blocking Software or Extensions

This will help you tackle the temptation to watch a quick video or check Facebook and waste time during work hours.

Get Dressed & Look Presentable

It may encourage the right frame of mind to work harder.

Use a Time Tracking App

Recording the amount of time spent on every task adds an element of accountability.

Block out Time for Things that Bring You Joy

This will recharge your batteries and give you something to look forward to.

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