Clever Ways to Grow Your Business Online

 Clever Ways to Grow Your Business Online

Digital marketing should be a vital part of your business growth strategy. Without a strong online presence, you’ll find it impossible to keep up with your competitors in today’s day and age.

Here are our top tips for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business online:

Social Media Specific:

– Your social media strategy needs to be flexible enough to react to relevant events and capitalize on sudden opportunities.

– Vary post frequency, targeting options, and type of content to find brings triggers what the best response and highest engagement

– Conduct “polls” and “quizzes” on Instagram and Facebook and engage in the comments section to gain valuable insights about your audience over time

– Run contests to build your audience, create interest, and increase your overall engagement at almost no cost.

Website Specific:

– When building a website, pay attention to user experience. Make every second of your visitor’s time worthwhile.

– Think about how you can attract and keep leads enticed and engaged long enough to convert them into customers.

– Display up-to-date contact information in several high-visibility locations on your website. The lack of a prompt response may cause visitors to question your credibility.

– Your website is sometimes your only chance to make a good first impression. Invest in good design to attract new clients.

General Digital Marketing Practices:

– If you’re a local business, register on sites like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor so that when people find you when they search for services/products you offer “near me”.

– Invest time and money in top-tier SEO and content marketing to improve your ranking on search results pages.

– Use videos: They effectively retain audience engagement. Plus, video thumbnails show up directly on the SERP, which helps you attract attention.

– Encourage satisfied customers to write reviews. They help you make a good impression on potential customers.

– Maintain consistency across brand assets and promotional materials (business cards, online ads, social media, and website) to create a recognizable brand and a culture around it.

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