SUV or Sedan – What’s Right For Your Needs?

 SUV or Sedan – What’s Right For Your Needs?

With a number of car buyers wanting both versatility and comfort, it’s no wonder that SUVs and sedans have become some of the most popular types of vehicles on the road today. Of course, both options offer some fantastic benefits, so it can be difficult to choose one over the other. If you are unsure about which car to purchase, this guide will help you make your decision. 

Advantages of SUVs

SUVs are spacious: The primary advantage of having an SUV is that it is so spacious. With an SUV, taking your whole family on a road trip will be no challenge. Typically, most SUVs can seat around 8 passengers and fit ample cargo. They also have a lot of legroom and headspace, so you are sure to be comfortable during your ride as well. 

Capabilities of SUVs: When making your decision, you should also take the capabilities of the vehicle into account. SUVs have an excellent towing capacity and some models even have turbocharged motors. This makes SUVs well equipped for off-roading adventures. Most models also have great suspension and all-wheel drive. With an SUV, you can have the best of both worlds – a great car to commute in and one that is off-road ready. 

SUVs are safe: While sedans may get the latest safety tech first, it’s important to note that SUVs are not far behind. Further, because they are bigger and taller than most other vehicles on the road, you are likely to be safer in an SUV as well. 

Advantages of Sedans

Sedans are affordable: Sedans are a lot cheaper to build in comparison to SUVs, and this fact makes them more affordable. They are also a lot cheaper to insure due to this. On average, sedans are at least $10,000 cheaper than SUVs. 

Sedans are fuel-efficient: When it comes to fuel efficiency, SUVs come nowhere near sedans. Since sedans are smaller with more sustainable engines, they don’t guzzle as much gas as SUVs. Further, there are a number of hybrid and electric sedan car options as well. 

Sedans are practical: For many people, sedans are a more practical choice. They are way easier to drive and handle in comparison to an SUV, and they are easy to maneuver within the city. Parking in tight places and crowded streets is also a lot easier with a sedan. 

Take these advantages of both types of cars into account before you decide whether an SUV or a sedan will make the better choice. 

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